List poslancom Európskeho parlamentu 11.4.2018

Európsky parlament

List poslancom Európskeho parlamentu 11.4.2018

Dňa 19. apríla sa bude hlasovať v Európskom parlamente o situácii v SR po vražde Jána Kuciaka a Martiny Kušnírovej. Preto 11. apríla 2018 odoslali zástupcovia občanov SR žijúcich v zahraničí poslancom Európskeho parlamentu list s cieľom upriamiť ich pozornosť na vraždy, korupciu, mafiu a jej prepojenie s politikmi v SR. Vyjadrili sme obavy z neobjektívneho vyšetrovania vraždy a požiadali o pomoc pri riešení korupcie a zneužívaní eurofondov. List uvádzame v pôvodnom znení v anglickom jazyku. Súčasťou listu boli aj kontakty na organizátorov, ktoré sme ako jediné z dôvodov ochrany súkromia z textu odstránili:

Subject: Vote on 19 April 2018: Protection of investigative journalists in Europe: the case of Slovak journalist Ján Kuciak and Martina Kušnírová – Motions for resolutions

Honorable Member of the European Parliament, 

It is more than a month since the murder of Ján Kuciak, a 27-year-old Slovak investigative journalist  and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová. The death of Ján Kuciak, who was writing about corruption and had been looking into suspected mafia links with high political figures in Slovakia, brought  hundreds of thousands Slovaks together for the largest street protests since the end of Communism in 1989.

We, concerned Slovak citizens living abroad, who organized protests in many foreign countries where Slovaks live, call upon your help on behalf of the people who joined these protests in all bigger cities around Europe: 

  1. We are appealing to the European Parliament to request a creation of an international investigation team in cooperation with Europol to enable fair and transparent investigation of the murder of Ján Kuciak and Martina Kušnírová. This request should be addressed to the representatives of the Slovak Parliament who can approve appropriate legislative action for enabling creation of such a team as well as to the Prosecutor-Generaland President of the Slovak Police 
  2. We request a thorough examination into the concrete steps taken by the current Slovak government resultingfrom the findings and recommendations of the European Parliament’s two-day fact-finding mission to Slovakia in March.
  3. We request that the European Parliament approves an external and independent investigation into the malversation of EU funds in Slovakia.


When all pillars of governance are corrupt and abused by criminals, and journalists who write about it are being killed, the situation is truly critical. And, as noted by the report from the European Parliament’s special mission, the public has lost trust in law enforcement and state institutions in general. At this point, we fear there may not be a solution possible without external help. Therefore we kindly ask you to take all our concerns into consideration during the votes on 19th April 2018. We hope you will consider our requests with the gravest urgency and we remain at your disposal for clarification and cooperation.

This appeal is sent by organizers of protests of Slovak citizens living in Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland as well as Norway to all Members of European Parliament.

Yours sincerely,


Veronika Jankovičová

Organiser of protests in Belgium 

Diana Quirschfeld                 

Organiser of protests in The Netherlands       


Dávid Nagy            

Organiser of protests in Poland         


Gabriela Fančovičová

Organiser of protests in Germany

Jakub Kraus           

Organiser of protests in Sweden      


Ľubica Vyšná         

Organiser of protests in Finland


Lucia Bezáková    

Organiser of protests in Luxembourg               


Mária Hrivňáková

Organizator of protests in France    


Samuel Zubo         

Organiser of protests in Czech Republic           

Vladan Glončák    

Organizator of protests in Denmark 

Andrej Hano          

Organiser of protests in United Kingdom         

Radan Furiel          

Organiser of protests in Norway


The protests in Slovakia and abroad were attended by following numbers:

02-03-2018         45.000 civilians

09-03-2018        147.000 civilians

16-03-2018        136.000 civilians

23-03-2018          52.000 civilians





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